Actress Career Fair

Job Description:

Being an actress includes doing many things. A few of these things are acting on stage, on the radio, on television, and in motion picture films. Four things that will be very helpful in getting a job in acting would be to be a good dancer and singer, be able to juggle, and have plain old natural born talent. Most actresses start out as an extra, or a person with 0-2 lines. If you are planning to become an actress you will probably want to start doing plays in high school, summers plays, and join local acting groups. Even though actresses go through very long and very stressful periods of unemployment, it pays very well when you have a part. Acting is a very competitive job to have because in order to get a job, you must do auditions and go against other actresses to get the role you want.

Future Trends:

  • There are 74,000 acting jobs available in the U.S.
  • There are 2,120 acting jobs available in Michigan.
  • Michigan has only 10 acting job openings in a year
  • Acting employments are expected to grow in the future.

Michigan Employers:

15 15 Broadway
Detroit, MI

Broadway On Stage
Eastpointe, MI

Red Barn Theatre Inc
Augusta, MI




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