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Serious Games

“Darn, I can’t get the power crystal…Oh yeah! I have to do the math problem first, and then go after the power crystal. Duh!” His teacher uses video games to help teach her students. Video games should be used to help students learn.

Students like to have fun or exciting activities while learning. Video games are both. If you do a worksheet in school all you do is write the answer down. When playing an educational video game there is stuff that makes you want to learn. Also 70% of students learn best through visual and active learning.

Video games can be educational and simulate real world activities. Technology allows people to explore choice. Games also allow you to connect language to actions and images. The U.S. Military uses simulations to help train soldiers before they go into battle.

Video games can help increase some of your people skills. Such as your teamwork. These games can also improve your quick thinking skills. Plus students learn important concepts from games or software.

A lot of people say that video games can get addicting. If the video game helps you learn why not get addicted? Tabula Digita made a game called Dimenxian that helps students at Algebra. She said “They never would have ever gotten this by sitting and doing worksheets.”

In conclusion video games should be used to help students learn. Video games can be educational. Plus they help increase some of your skills including quick thinking skills

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