**Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant**
Nutterbutter Cookie Commercial
President Nixon Declares Innocence
spokesman Morris
Saturday Night Live
Nixon fails as president

Fast Facts

  • John D. Haldeman was found guilty in 1975 for the Watergate break-in
  • On January 1, January 8, and July 21 in 1979 oil spills in the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • July 3, 1976 the Supreme Court decides the death penalty is acceptable punishment
  • April 20, 1971 Supreme Court rules that taking students from one district to another don school buses to balance the school out is overpopulated. They do this to balance things out.
  • 1972. Pocket calculators are invented.
  • 1978. Hungry Hungry hippos were a popular game played by kids.
  • 1974. The Rubik’s cube was a popular toy that was invented by Erno Rubik.
  • 1977. Star wars action figures are made of a George Luca’s film.
  • 1972-Dallas wins the Super Bowl against Miami 24-3
  • 1974-Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series Gene Reynolds M*A*S*H*
  • 1976-Outstanding Drama Series PBS’s Upstairs, Downstairs
  • 1978- Dallas wins the Super Bowl against Denver 27-10

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