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1930's Fast Facts

  • 1932: Edwin H. Land makes the first Polaroid glass.
  • 1936: scientists at Rockefeller University in New York invented the first artificial heart called the perfusion pump.
  • May 6,1937: The first radio broadcast was a report about Hindenburg disaster. The Hindenburg, a transatlantic lighter-than-air floating passenger ship. It crashed and exploded while landing in New Jersey.
  • June 28, 1939: The first Airway transportation begins when Pan American Airways had a plane fly 22 passengers from Long Island to Lisbon, Portugal. The trip took up to 23 hours, 52 minutes.
  • 1930: Pluto was discovered by astronomers.
  • 1933: February 15,Chicago mayor is fatally shot.
  • 1936: Hundred of Americans join the “Lincoln Brigades.”
  • 1939: Germans invade Poland.
  • 1930: Jean Rosenthal was on of the extreme natives in lightning designing in the history of theater she pioneers the idea of theater lighting.
  • 1933: A dance called the fan dance is a hit at the Chicago World’s fair is one of Sally Rand’s dances.
  • 1936: Gone with the wind is published the author of the novel is Margaret Mitchell.
  • 1939: Robert Cane has introduced the animated film of batman.

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