End of Innocence

Sounds of the 1910's

St. Louis Blues by W.C Handy
100-piece band
Dixieland jazz band
No! Pagliaccio Non Son
Oh How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning

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1910's Fast Facts

  • The first time a plan was used for an offensive weapon in 1911
  • Lusitania was a liner under the registration of the British was sunk on the Irish coast by a submarine on May 7, 1915
  • First birth control clinic was opened by Margaret Sanger in 1916
  • Czar and his family are executed by Russian revolutionaries starting the Russian revolution between reds and whites in 1918
  • Frank Hornby creates ‘0 Gauge’ Clockwork model trains in 1914
  • Johnny Gruelle was a newspaper cartoonist, who made the first Raggedy Ann dolls in 1915
  • Lincoln Logs were invented by John Lloyd Wright in 1916
  • Charles Pajeau creates a toy similar to the Erector Set, that was designed for younger children, called Tinker Toys in 1914
  • 1912 Summer Olympics in Stockholm. The top 5 Standings were: 1st Sweden, 2nd USA, 3rd Great Britain, 4th Finland, and 5th Germany.
  • The Victor talking Machine Company refined Edison’s phonograph into Victoria, with built-in horn speaker.1915
  • 1914 the first four-reel film was made, Frances Queen Elizabeth was the name and it was 60 minutes long.
  • 1919 after a five-month conference the world treaty was signed.

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